Top 7 Things to Know About Tick and Mosquito Barrier Spray

When summer arrives, the warm weather beckons us outdoors. And what better way to spend the season than enjoying your backyard? Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who like to take advantage of the pleasant temperature. During the summer months, two of the most dangerous pests may be lurking in your yard.

High grass, yard trimmings, and wild animals are enticing for disease-carrying ticks, while rainwater and still pools are breeding ground for nasty-biting mosquitoes. If you want to keep these pests away from your property and get back to enjoying your yard, you may be considering a barrier spray. Before you make any calls or try to do it yourself, here are seven things you should know about tick and mosquito barrier spray.

What Do I Need to Know about Tick and Mosquito Barrier Spray? Top 7 Things- are you protected

1.  It Needs To Be Sprayed Often To Be Effective And Control The Population.

The trouble with barrier spray is that doing it just once isn’t enough to keep bugs away permanently. Yard spray must be applied often to effectively control the mosquito and tick population in your yard. The elements wash away and wear down the applied barriers over time there won’t be an amount significant enough to keep these pests at bay.

2. Before You Spray, Try Eliminating Any Areas That May Entice The Bugs.

No matter how many times you spray, a barrier is not a permanent solution. Before treating your yard, it’s a good idea to get rid of any possible areas that may be inviting for these dangerous pests. Keep your yard cut and clean to avoid an influx of ticks. Additionally, get rid of any standing water in your birdbaths, gardening tools, driveway, or backyard to keep mosquitoes from breeding near your home. To start enjoying your backyard, the first step is keeping it in good condition.

3. Protect Your Home From Any Invaders By Completing Regular Maintenance.

In addition to keeping your yard in excellent form, another area that could use some TLC is your home. Performing regular maintenance on your home will not only keep pests away, but it will also stop them from invading your home. Keep any growth surrounding your home well-trimmed. Clean out your gutters regularly – a barrier spray won’t protect you from blocked gutters.

4. Spraying Can Be Dangerous – If It Isn’t Done Properly It Can Pose Risks To Your Family.

It is possible to use a DIY spray or hire a pest control specialist, but there are a few things you should consider. Tick and mosquito spray can be toxic to children and pets. If you decide to spray, take the proper precautionary steps to keep your loved ones safe.

Additionally, certain sprays and barriers can harm natural foliage. While your intentions may be to kill those dangerous pests, you may end up killing plants and trees in the process. Sprays can also kill the wrong insects that are helpful in the ecosystem. Before spraying, thoroughly read the labels and determine the risk factors.

5. In Addition To Being Dangerous, It Can Be a Waste Of Money.

When done improperly, spraying and barrier protection can end up costing money without ever achieving the desired effect. If done incorrectly, barriers will not do their job, and you’ll find yourself battling mosquito bites and hitch-hiking ticks.

What’s even worse, if the barriers aren’t set up correctly, the pests can build up and breed resistance to the chemicals making them ineffective. You could be continuously applying spray with no chance of killing pests at all. Take caution when applying or hiring a pest control expert. You don’t want to throw money away.

What Do I Need to Know about Tick and Mosquito Barrier Spray? Top 7 Things- know your enemy

6. Getting A Barrier Spray Should Depend On The Size Of The Problem

If you have a nasty infestation, or it’s a constant battle to enjoy your yard, a barrier spray might be the right solution. However, another thing to consider is the size of your yard and the problem. With simple yard and property maintenance, it may be possible to take care of your infestation without chemical interference. On the other hand, sometimes a pest problem can be bigger than we can personally handle. If you are unable to get the issue under control, call in the experts.

7. Protects Against Tick-Borne And Mosquito-Transferred Diseases.

If mosquitoes and ticks have taken over your yard, there’s a lot more at stake than just your backyard BBQ. These blood-sucking parasites carry different pathogens and diseases that can be deadly. Ticks are known to carry serious diseases such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, are known as the deadliest insects. They transmit life-threatening viruses including Zika, West Nile, yellow fever, and malaria. With a barrier in place, your family can enjoy the outdoors without fear.

Taking Back the Outdoors

You shouldn’t spend your summer days hunkered down and waiting for the ticks and mosquitoes to die. Take the proper steps and you can be outside enjoying your pest-free yard. Weigh your options and decide if spraying your yard is the best choice for you.

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