Guaranteed Bug Protection 365 Days a Year

The Home Protection Plan guarantees against 40 insects and rodents all year long. (For a complete list of covered pests, click here.)

We provide service every 4 months, notifying you in advance before each service.

Why is Year-round Control the Smart Option?

Pests simply don't flee during the cooler months. In fact, it's during colder times of the year that pests seek the shelter and food. While pests are a viable part of our ecosystem, they can cause significant structural damage to your home and pose health threats to your family and pets.

Just Pennies a Day!

For pennies a day, we'll provide yearly Home Protection. Results are guaranteed. If an issue occurs, we'll come back to your home in between any of the three scheduled services and as often as you need.

Whether you experience reoccurring issues or a new one develops (e.g. bees or wasps build a nest under your leaves), just call and we'll come back at no charge.

home protection plan

Our Home Protection Plan covers you against 40 of the most common household insects and rodents that are found in Pennsylvania, including monitoring for termites.

Starting at $40/month!

home protection premier

Our Home Protection Premiere program is our most comprehensive pest control plan offered. You will be covered not only for the 40 common pests as well as bed bugs, but you'll also have an Active Termite Protection system installed around your home. Active Termite Protection systems work to help eliminate termite colonies around your home rather than just monitor for them.

Starting at $75/month!

Winter Pest Control: Expert Tips on Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

home protection plus +

Our Home Protection Plus+ program provides the same service as our home protection plan as well as coverage for bed bugs. While no one can prevent bed bugs from infesting your home, you can sleep a little tighter knowing The Pest Rangers will take care of you if they do.

Starting at $55/month!

*Restrictions apply.  Plus+ and Premiere programs are available only to home owners of single family homes, home must be their primary residence.


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