Gypsy moth caterpillars have quickly become one of the most voracious and destructive pests in North America.

To ensure your landscape and trees remain safe, it’s vital to incorporate a well-planned control program now that they have made their way back to Northeast Pennsylvania after being forgotten about after the breakout in the 1990’s.

A single adult can lay over a thousand eggs in the branches or trunks of a tree. That can result in hundreds of caterpillar larvae emerging the following April and May – more than enough to strip the leaves and foliage off a large tree in just weeks.

Pines and hemlocks can be killed in a single season, while surviving trees are severely weakened and susceptible to a host of unrelated tree diseases.

If you already have an infestation, The Pest Rangers will work with you to develop rapid, hard-hitting and effective treatments. Our gypsy moth caterpillar control program consists of three highly effective steps:

We time our  program to their lifecycle,  with our initial treatments occurring when the bug is most vulnerable. This minimizes the damage the gypsy moths have the opportunity to cause.

If you have a severe gypsy moth caterpillar infestation, The Pest Rangers uses tailored gypsy moth control treatments to knock down the population and minimize damage to your trees.

Our gypsy moth caterpillar spray treatments can reach trees up to 60 feet – delivering fast and effective gypsy moth caterpillar control.

The Pest Rangers are excited to offer a solution to protect your immediate property surrounding your home. We realize Luzerne County has left out those home owners that do not own 30+ Acres and left those without a solution.

Our program was developed to protect your home and immediate surrounds so you can enjoy your deck, pool and the outdoors. Contact us today to schedule your gypsy moth service!


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