Bed bugs are not only a nasty, biting pest, but they can be extremely difficult to deal with once they’ve invaded your home or business.

These unwanted visitors can be a challenge for the most seasoned pest control detection service. While adult bed bugs are easier to spot, nymphs and eggs are the hardest to detect.

If you’re using a traditional inspection, you are relying on the human eye alone. The key to ridding your property of bed begs is pinpointing their location for the most effective treatment.

Rather than using traditional methods, there is a detection specialist more up to the task: A K-9 unit.

How do K-9 Inspections work?

K-9 bed bug detectives are specially trained to locate the source of your infestation quickly and with very little inconvenience to you.

These canine bed bug hunters can detect the odor emitted from bed bugs and their eggs. Both dog and handler are trained to seek out spots frequented by these pests; the detecting dogs sniff out their target and alert their handlers for quicker, more accurate inspections.

Traditional Inspections Vs Bed Bug Detection Dogs

While either method can be effective, as a home or business owner, consider which would be best suited to your situation and infestation.

Traditional Bed Bug Detection Methods

Bed bug specialist can be well-trained, but it can still be difficult to detect all traces when relying on sight alone.

With a human inspection, the accuracy of bed bug detection ranges between 40-60% depending on the size and centralized location of the infestation. Inspections can last anywhere between 20-60 minutes at a time.

Though pest control experts can deduce a few possible inspection spots, without a clear indication of where the bed bugs reside, they must search every possible place.
For a thorough inspection, all potentially infected areas must be visual. This means bedding must be cleared, drawers must be emptied, and furniture must be moved. This may cause a great deal of maneuvering on the home or property owner’s part.

Traditional bed bug detection is visibility limited. Moreover, if a specialist cannot find the pests on the first inspection or the pests return from a different area, repeat inspections might be needed.

K-9 Bed Bug Detection Methods

Like their human counterparts, bed bug sniffing dogs and their handlers are highly trained, much like police or search and rescue dog.

At the start of a K9 inspection, the dogs rely on their sense of smell to seek out the infestation. While no inspection is 100% accurate, bed bug detecting dogs have an accuracy rate of 97%. Inspection duration is also much quicker, lasting between 2-15 minutes depending on the size and location of your infestation.

Canine bed bug units locate the source much quicker and with less trial and error. The dog searches for and locks onto the scent. This takes the guesswork out of pinpointing the nest.

Additionally, if there are several areas containing adult, nymph, or bed bug eggs, K-9 detectives will sniff them out. A bonus to K9 location is that homeowners don’t have to prepare their home beforehand by removing bedding and moving furniture.

In addition to finding beg bugs quickly, K-9 bed bug detectors can find infestations in areas the human eye may not see: electrical sockets, underneath the carpet, behind baseboards, and inside furniture or mattresses.

Sniffing Out the Enemy

Quick, accurate and efficient, K-9 bed bug detectives can be the perfect solution to a nightmare of a problem.

Rely on our highly-trained bed bug detection dogs to seek out your pest problem and get rid of bed bugs today.

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