The last thing anyone wants to find in their kitchen or bathroom at night when they turn on the lights is tiny, skittering cockroaches trying to hideaway. Cockroaches are dangerous, quiet pests; sadly, sometimes you don’t know they’re there until you’re overwhelmed by the amount.

Not only are they a revolting sight, but they can cause real harm if left alone. They can contaminate your food, transmit bacteria, and they can be extremely tough to deal with.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to handle them, a cockroach infestation can keep coming back again and again. If you want to stamp out these pests, here are seven proven tips to help you conquer those cockroaches.

Cockroaches are dangerous, quiet pests.

1. Identify Your Invaders.

There are so many different cockroaches, over 4,000 to be exact, which can make getting rid of them difficult. Identifying what you have is a key step in getting rid of them. It can be hard to get a look at what you’re dealing with, but if you do happen to spot an invader, keep in mind what they look like. Two of the most common cockroaches are German cockroaches and American Cockroaches.

German Cockroaches:

  • These bugs are light brown with two parallel dark stripes on the side.
  • They are less than an inch long.
  • They have wings but don’t fly often.

American Cockroaches

  • These cockroaches are reddish-brown and are about 1 ½ inches long.
  • Typically, they live outside in mulch or garbage.
  • They also like dark, warm, moist areas: bathrooms, basements, laundries, etc.

Once you’ve identified the type of cockroach you have, it will be easier to find and get rid of.

2. Seal All Entry Points.

The best way to stop an invader is to not let them in. This sounds easier said than done, but if you perform regular checks on your home, you can stop all manner of pests from getting in.

Do routine maintenance on your house by checking any points of entry. Seal up openings, cracks, and close off all possible entryways at windows or doors. Check foundation, chimneys, or vents as well. If they can’t get in, they can’t become a problem.

3. Don’t Give Them A Place To Hide.

Cockroaches don’t like to come out in the open. They prefer dark, quiet places, so they are always on the lookout for places to hide. A way to keep them out is to clear out all hiding places.

Consider the type of roach you are dealing with and seek out possible hiding spots. An easy way to get rid of hiding places is to keep your home clean and tidy.

Don’t let things pile up, like recycling, trash, or just clutter around the house. Even something as simple as stacks of paper could be a draw. A clean home is an easy way to discourage pests. So, clean out behind the refrigerator, dust out the basement, and keep your attic tidy.

4. Cut Out The Food Source.

No bug is going to leave if they have a smorgasbord ready for them. To get rid of any pests, eliminating their food source is crucial. Without a food source, cockroaches won’t stick around. Be mindful of where you have your food and how you store it, including any pet food. Any room where food is stored, prepped, or enjoyed should be cleaned thoroughly.

When eating, it’s best to keep it to one central area; nothing is worse than opening an old pizza box in your room and finding creepy crawlers. Keep things sealed up in containers; no food left lying out.

Whenever you prep or cook a meal, clean your dishes, wipe up afterward, and empty garbage regularly. If the cockroaches don’t have a food source, they won’t stick around to keep you company.

Eliminate the food source to keep cockroaches out5. Cut Off The Water Supply.

Much like with food, cockroaches need a water supply. Keep an eye out for leaking pipes, damp basements, or even your pet’s water bowl. Anywhere they can find water, they will swarm. So, be wary of any area in your home that may have any water source including humidifiers, sinks, refrigerators, and bathtubs as well.

6. Boric Acid Can Do The Trick.

If you have cleaned up, plugged up, and got rid of any potential food source, cockroaches can still hang around. Go in for the kill using either a store-bought bait, trap, or the best DIY option: Boric acid.

By mixing boric acid, flour, and sugar, you can make a dough and set it around where cockroaches gather. Once the roaches eat the dough, they will die. Keep in mind, though this is effective for roaches, it can be dangerous for pets and small children.

7. Pest Control Expert.

Cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests to deal with. Even after taking all the right steps to get rid of cockroaches, they could still be a dangerous problem. If you are unaware of the size of your infestation or you cannot identify what type of pest you have, it may be wise to call in a professional.

It can be difficult to estimate how big your infestation might be since roaches can be very difficult to see. Additionally, it’s common for cockroaches to resurface, even after trying several methods. To truly get rid of cockroaches, the right call may be to find a pest control expert to help with your infestation.

Crushing Cockroaches for Good.

When it comes to health and safety, you can never be too careful, and a cockroach infestation can become more than just a sanitary problem very quickly. Don’t let these pests take over your home. Follow these steps and kick these cockroaches to the curb for good.

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