Homeowners in Northeast Pennsylvania turn to residential pest control experts for occasional issues like bed bugs, ants, or termites.

Business owners should also consider commercial pest management for regular remediation at their worksite. The goal for both residential and commercial pest management companies is the same—to get pests out and keep them out.

The difference is a residential company may only need to come to a house for a one-time issue; commercial pest control companies can provide regular workplace inspections and take preventative measures against pest problems.

A business could risk damaging or losing valuable inventory, employees, or its physical structure to a severe pest problem. That’s too big a risk for a business owner. A regular pest control management program can detect potential issues early and be proactive about insect and rodent control.

Why do I need it?

Business owners have enough responsibilities and a list of everyday tasks they need to complete. Operating a clean, safe workplace free of health and safety hazards should be at the top of the list. Regular commercial pest control can help you do this.

Here are five important benefits of commercial pest control services:

1. Federal health and safety regulations. All businesses are subject to certain health and safety regulations. If you are in the foodservice or health care business, it is even more essential to meet specific criteria for a clean, safe workplace. Failure to do this could result in stiff fines or other penalties, including forced closures.

2. Employees’ health. Healthy employees go a long way toward keeping your entire business running smoothly. Insect and rodent droppings, saliva, or other signs of pests can trigger employees’ allergies. Some insects or rodents carry diseases that can be easily transmitted to humans through various means.

3. Early detection = long-term cost savings. A business should have a commercial pest control management technician visit their workplace at least once a year, possibly more depending on the type of business. The technician will do a close inspection of the small, dark areas pests love most. They can identify possible entry points and eliminate pest issues. Early detection means considerable long-term savings and a healthier bottom line.

4. Cost of displacing operations. You suspected some rodents were chewing on the boxes in the storage room you rarely use. You let the issue go for a few months, and you now have a full-blown mess on your hands—holes in boxes, shredded hard copies of important files, and old computer cords that have been chewed. Your staff has been tasked with scanning the salvageable files so everything can be stored digitally. Is this the best use of everyone’s time? In some cases, an entire staff may need to temporarily relocate or work from home so pest control technicians can spray for insects or rodents. Although necessary, this causes a disruption to the day’s workflow and the displaced staff may fall behind.

5. DIY pest control for commercial use is inefficient. Basic pest control measures may not work in a commercial setting. For instance, setting a few mousetraps might take care of a rodent problem in a standard residential kitchen. A large refrigerated warehouse in a distribution center needs something more substantial. Trained technicians can work with you to identify the problem and develop an effective integrated pest management plan to eliminate the insects or rodents wreaking havoc on your workplace.

Is commercial pest control safe?

Commercial pest control companies understand employees need to work in a safe environment free of health hazards. Pest control chemicals are largely safe; however, they should be used by someone who is trained to use and dispose of them properly.

Unlike residential pest control management programs, commercial companies can address a broader range of issues—from insect control to wildlife control, to bird control. Each issue is addressed in a timely, effective manner so you can get back to business.

What bugs will it protect me against?

Thanks to a targeted approach unique to each business’ pest problem, commercial pest management can protect a workplace from insects such as:

  •  Ants
  •  Bees
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders

Mosquito control is also helpful for construction sites or other outdoor workplaces. Mosquitos are well-known carriers of disease; anyone working outdoors should take protective measures against these harmful pests.

Does it include rodents?

Many commercial pest companies provide rodent control services. The technician will do a comprehensive inspection of your workplace, identify potential entry points and attractors, and seal entryways with caulking and other sealants.

Your business should be a point of pride for your entire workforce, and an asset to your community. Rodent or insect infestations can impact your business’ reputation in countless ways.

Don’t risk the well-being of your company or its workforce. Call us today to learn more about commercial pest management services to protect your business!  


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