The most important component of pest control is prevention. Luckily, even when proper prevention measures are not implemented, pest control treatment can be an effective strategy to rid your home of pests.

Pest control treatment is safe and relatively quick. For added benefit, many companies even offer pest preventative packages and warranties to cover you, so you don’t have to dole out hundreds or thousands of dollars to get rid of an infestation.

Perhaps the number one source of confusion and question among many customers is what happens after pest control treatment. Since pest control treatment ranges between pests, different steps might need to be taken, and results vary. Additionally, specific procedures will need to be followed to ensure the safety of you and your home.

treatment ranges between pests, different steps might need to be taken

What consists of a pest control treatment?

Pest control treatment involves various strategies to eliminate a pest infestation and erect measures to prevent further infestation. For example, rodent prevention and elimination often involve using traps and cleaning up any sources of food to prevent rodents from reappearing in your home. On the other hand, termite treatment may involve a liquid insecticide solution designed to kill termites as they cross into your home.

Be sure to research different pest control companies to gain a better understanding of what methods and procedures they use to eliminate different pests

How long does it take to see results after pest control treatment?

Results from pest control treatment differ by pest control method. For example, residents will experience immediate results from our bed bug control methods, which involve literally baking bed bugs until they die.

On the other hand, rodent and cockroach infestations could take days to weeks to see noticeable improvement as traps and proper cleaning are essential to eliminating these pests for good.

For the most part, pest control methods could deliver results in as little as one to two hours to a few weeks for pests that are burrowed deep inside your home.

Why do I see pests after treatment?

It’s common to see pests after treatment, which is usually a sign that the treatment is working. Often, bugs will come out of hiding once they are sprayed with a liquid solution because they are attempting to escape the source and will soon die.

Furthermore, pests like cockroaches may start appearing during the daytime in open light because their habitat is disturbed by the treatment solution, and they are confused. So don’t be alarmed if you start seeing more pests after treatment!

Will I see lots of dead bugs after a treatment?

It’s very common to see dead bugs and pests after treatment. The time frame of how long you will continue to see dead pests will depend on the treatment solution. For example, liquid treatment applied to your home’s barrier to kill termites infestations will require them to come in contact with the solution to be eliminated.

Additionally, if your pest control partner uses traps and other preventative measures, this timeframe could continue for a few weeks until the infestation is eliminated.

recommended to wait to clean their home

How long should I wait to clean my home after pest control?

Generally, homeowners are recommended to wait to clean their home for up to five days after treatment. We don’t recommend mopping or applying water to any surfaces until any liquid solution has properly dried and evaporated by this point. Furthermore, we might recommend you wait for two weeks for any deep cleaning and stick to surface level cleaning in the meantime if an insecticide has been applied.

During this time, be sure to dispose of any possibly contaminated foods and wet materials, like paper towels and garbage. Additionally, inspect all furniture and clothing to determine whether or not any liquid solution has come in contact with them and whether they are safe to use.

In addition, monitor you and your pet’s health to determine if you’ve come in incidental contact with any harmful solutions. Look for red eyes, irritated skin, and more serious symptoms, such as trouble breathing, and seek medical treatment immediately.

How do I keep pests from coming back?

  • Seal off any gaps or cracks where pests enter your home.
  • Clean up any garbage or clutter that attracts bugs in PA.
  • Store food in an air-sealed container.
  • Store garbage in a proper bin with the lid on.
  • Keep floors and surfaces cleaned and sanitized.


The last thing any homeowner wants is to call their local pest control for an infestation. However, you can rest safe knowing the team at Pest Rangers can treat any local infestation and eliminate the problem when that time comes.

In addition, we offer maintenance and warranty programs to ensure your house is pest free for a long-time.

Call us at 570-826-1114 or schedule your quote online to purchase your monthly protection plan or schedule a service. We’ll take care of any pests so that you can live comfortably again.


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