Finally! Warm weather is upon us and it’s time to head out and enjoy the good temperatures, fresh floral scents, and the great outdoors. That is until those annoying little pests start swarming around your head. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by gnats.

They may be small, but they can easily ruin your outdoor space by flying in your eyes, ears, and mouth. Plus, it seems they get worse and worse every year.

Don’t worry; you can take back your yard following a few simple steps. Here are the top seven ways to repel gnats so you can start enjoying your backyard again.

1. Follow the fungus.

Since gnats are so small and they love to swarm around your head, it can be difficult to pinpoint where they are coming from. The most common backyard gnat are fungus gnats.

Found in areas of high humidity or moisture, these pesky announces can be found anywhere with a lot of water. This includes areas like creeks, rivers, ponds, and other spots close to water. Of course, their favorite place isn’t limited to bodies of water. They like to swarm near birdbaths, leaking pipes, puddles, and overwatered plants as well.

how to repel gnats the pest rangersOnce they find a place they like, they’ll lay their eggs in soul or dead matter and they usually take about three days to hatch. With the right conditions, you may have a little gnat farm in your backyard.

Of course, there are other varieties of gnats including the eye gnat, the buffalo gnat, and the sand gnat. The best way to tackle your situation is to find out what you have first, starting with following the fungus. Eliminate any areas with excessive moisture and you’ll be one step closer to a gnat-free yard.

2. Draw them with Vinegar.

An easy way to draw gnats in is by using a little mixture of vinegar and dish soap. Gnats are drawn to the sweet scent, but once they land, the dish soap will keep them from escaping. This is a great way to get rid of a gnat problem, especially if they find their way into your home or if they swarm around your deck. Just change out the bowls regularly.

3. Repel them with Scent.

Gnats are naturally drawn to fruity scents; in fact, your shampoo, body wash, or perfume may be what makes you a desirable target for these pesky flying pests.

An easy way to combat this is by using unscented soaps or avoiding that spritz of cologne during the summer. Or, you can switch up your favorite scent with something they don’t like. Try Lighting citronella candles, using lemon or vanilla sprays. While gnats are a fan of sweet-smelling fruit, they can’t seem to stand vanilla, lemon, or even lavender. A little spritz can at least keep them at bay.

4. Try Gnat Traps.

Simple and easy disposable fly traps are a good way to keep gnats away from your patio. There are a few different options: usually small and large. If you have a smaller problem, the discreet smaller traps can easily trap gnats in a funnel.

The larger traps can hang from a beam or branch and often attract other unwanted flying insects. These traps have a strong odor, so keep that in mind when you decide where you want to place them. The best part? You can just toss the trap once it’s full.

5. Tiki Torches and Candles.

Much like spraying yourself with particular scents, burning candles or tiki torches can help keep gnats away, so long as you use the right smells. Citronella is a natural bug repellent and will help to ward off more than just gnats. If you don’t have one, try using lavender or lemon-scented candle. It could be just enough to keep gnats from interrupting your outdoor gathering.

6. Plants that Repel Gnats.

While we’re on the subject of scents, you can play the long game and plant flowers that gnats can’t stand. There is a handful that can keep gnats at bay, including geraniums, lemon thyme, lavender, and Mexican marigold. The wonderful thing about using plants is that not only do they look nice in your garden, but they will also help keep more than just gnats away.

Just be sure to look into what each plant requires and arrange them strategically around your outdoor space.

bug zappers can keep the gnats away.

7. Bug Zapper.

Sometimes the best way to combat these little pests is with a good ol’ bug zapper. Gnats are drawn to light, so if you are experiencing a rather big gnat problem, a zapper can be just what you need. Just know that this usually works better with larger insects, but it will be effective in getting rid of plenty of gnats too.

Concluding Thoughts

You don’t have to live in fear of your outdoor space. Take back your lawn using these simple tips. However, not all gnat problems can be solved with a quick fix. If you are experiencing an overwhelming infestation, don’t hesitate to contact a pest control expert. Take action and start enjoying the warm weather today.


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