They’re creepy, they’re crawly, but bugs can be incredibly useful. These little creatures make up a huge part of our ecosystem, and while some may be a little frightening, there are some downright fascinating facts about bugs. There are billions of different bug species around the planet, but you don’t have to travel to find a diverse insect gathering. For some fun bug facts, look no further than your NEPA backyard!

Northeast Pennsylvania is home to some crazy insects and here are the top 11 interesting facts about them.

fun bug facts - creepy crawly bugs can be very useful1. Ants Are Pretty Much Everywhere.

Ants are a pretty common creature, but did you know that about 10 quadrillion ants live on the planet. That is, of course, the kinds that we know about. For perspective, there are about 7.3 billion people, so that would have them outnumbering us by over one million per person. Ants may be tiny, but they are many. Plus, they have multiple different species too.

2. Ticks Can Grow And Shrink.

This feat may seem rather unremarkable but consider this. Ticks are tiny, but when they become engorged, they can grow from the size of a sesame seed to the size of a marble. They basically inflate, full of blood, like a little balloon. The most common tick in NEPA is the black-legged deer tick. These little parasites have been known to carry some nasty diseases, such as Lyme disease. That proves sometimes little creatures can pack a punch.

3. Mosquitoes Flap Their Wings At 500 Times A Second.

Fast, annoying, and one of the deadliest creatures on the planet, mosquitoes have to put in quite the workout to keep in the air. These disease-carrying nuisances must flap hard to stay afloat, and a great defense against them is simply a good breeze.

4. There’s A Blue-Winged Wasp!

Sometimes scary can be beautiful. The blue-winged wasp is about an inch long and can be identified by its lovely shimmering blue and black wings. These wasps may make you think of stingers, but they are great for your garden. Their favorite food is Japanese beetles; so, if you’re in need of a pest exterminator for your garden, be glad to see a blue-winged wasp.

5. Black Widow Venom Is 15 Times Deadlier Than A Rattlesnake’s.

This is a chilling, but fascinating fact about the most venomous spider in North America. Of course, that’s only if you encounter a mature female. Males or babies don’t typically go after humans and have mouthparts too small to inject venom. Also, these spiders rarely attack unprovoked. Just be mindful when you are outdoors or going through a dusty old attic.

black widow bites are deadly

6. Spiders Are Just Looking For A Bite…To Eat That Is.

Speaking of spiders, these little creatures are often misunderstood. In fact, they’d rather fill their bellies than pick a fight with a creature ten times their size. Spiders love to eat and can consume over 2000 insects a year. Talk about pest control! While they may seem like a pest, they eat more unwanted intruders than you would think. Plus, they’re really so few and far between that you probably would never notice them.

7. Move Over Bunnies. Here’s The Termite Queen.

While rabbits may have the reputation of reproducing quickly, a termite queen should snag that title. One queen can lay 40,000 eggs per day. If you have any in your home, that could mean a lot of mouths to feed and some danger for the wood in your house.

8. Honeybees Make The Sweet Stuff.

The honeybee requires nectar from millions of flowers to make one pound of honey. Altogether, a colony can make about 100 pounds of honey a year, but that’s not all they can do. They’re responsible for 80% of pollination in the United States. Plus, they communicate through dance, which is a cute little fact.

9. Nope, It’s Not A Giant Mosquito. It’s a Cranefly.

Stretching out to three inches long, the Cranefly has very little in common with the mosquito. It eats rotting leaves, fungi, algae, and moss and there are over 1,500 species in North America; 300 of those species alone reside in Pennsylvania. Unlike their tiny look-alikes, craneflies are not harmful.

10. Hornets Can Get Drunk.

Hornets don’t get drunk in a traditional sense, but if they drink enough fermented juice it does have an effect. If these insects partake in the drink, they get sluggish and pass out. It’s ridiculous to see these fearsome bugs overindulge, but they can get a bit rowdy if they have too much.

cockroaches live on.

11. Cockroaches Live On.

The rumors are true; it is very difficult to kill a cockroach. In fact, a roach can live up to three weeks without a head. That can be frightening if you happen to see a headless critter scurrying around.

Understanding and Learning More

Insects aren’t just scary creatures with exoskeletons and a ton of legs. They are vital members of the ecosystem. However, keep in mind that knowing more about them can help you keep them out of your home. You’d be surprised what kind of insects can be found in your own backyard. So, take the time and see what you can find.



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