Termite Exterminator Tips

Pests can be a major problem for your home, especially if you don’t know how to properly dispose of them. One of the most destructive invaders is the termite. These pesky little insects can find their way into your home and quickly destroy beams, walls, floors, and furniture.

The problem with these sneaky intruders is that they are hard to detect. If you suspect that you may have a termite problem or want to be sure you are protected against them, the best way to go about it is to consult a pest professional.

With so many different exterminators, it could be difficult finding one who meets your quality standards and doesn’t break the bank. If you are looking to hire a pest control expert to protect your home from termite infestations, here are the top 5 qualities to look for.

Termite Exterminator to rid pest
Termites destroy non-stop

1. Termite Knowledge

An exterminator should have a thorough knowledge of his craft; this means knowing all there is to know about pests like termites. There are many different termites: Drywood, Dampwood, Formosan, Subterranean, Conehead, and Desert just to name a few.

Each type has a unique nesting pattern, preferred food source, and life cycle. The key is identifying your infestation properly to provide your home with the best treatment. When it comes to treating your house, knowledge is power.

2. Service and Recommendations

A pest control expert should not only be knowledgeable, but they should be well-known for impeccable service. Cleansing your home is a process and it should be as painless as possible. A good termite exterminator will inspect your home thoroughly before drawing up a treatment plan.

A good exterminator will have clear pricing, be up-front about the cost, and give full explanations of their treatment options. A termite home invasion is stressful enough; a good service will take the guesswork out of the bottom line.

3. Spot and Treat an Infestation

A quality pest control expert will be able to pinpoint possible areas of infestation and any entry spots that your home may have. If you have a possible infestation the right exterminator will give your home a thorough investigation assessing areas like cracks in the cement, walls, floors, attics and even furniture. Before any treatments can be done, your property must have an inspection; termites can be difficult to spot by the untrained eye. There are several signs that may indicate that your home has a termite infestation:

  • Mud-like tunnel: Termites use these to keep moisturized when searching for food.
  • Termite wings: These are left behind after termites swarm.
  • Termite droppings, or frass: Wood-colored fecal matter
  • Swarmers or flying termites

It can be very difficult to spot an infestation; wings may be your only visible sign. A qualified exterminator will be able to discover a pest problem and take the next steps in fortifying your home.

Termite Exterminator | Seek These Top 5 Qualities
Termites can devastate woods quickly

4. Know Different Treatment Options

There are multiple ways an exterminator can treat your home. Depending on what you are looking for, it is a good idea to find a pest control specialist who will provide many options.

  • Termiticide: If you are looking for a way to kill and deter termites, liquid termiticide is a liquid-barrier treatment for the job. Unfortunately, like any termite treatment, it can become very costly.
  • Termite Bait: This tactic tricks the pests into taking ‘bait’ home to the colony and killing it at the source gradually. Used with a combination of other treatments, it could be very effective.
  • Heat treatment: This is a chemical-free treatment that can take only a few hours. Though this treatment doesn’t use harsh chemicals, it may damage heat-sensitive items in your home. (note – this is not a procedure completed in the Northeastern area)
  • Fumigation: Toxins are released to kill termites. Your family and pets must vacate during this treatment. This is effective, but it takes much longer to vent your home. (note – this is not a procedure completed in the Northeastern area)

When selecting your pest control expert, be sure to choose one with a treatment method in mind.

5. Fortify and Protect Your Home

Unfortunately, no termite treatment is permanent. It is possible for these pests to return after taking the proper treatment steps, but don’t fear!

A quality exterminator will provide you with the tips you need to prevent future invasions and be there to help should one occur. The best way to protect your home is to stop an infestation from happening. You can by taking a few extra steps.

  • Keep your yard clean of wood, debris, and yard waste
  • Clear away mulch
  • Trim your greenery
  • Repair any holes, leaky faucets, or cracks
  • Keep vents dry
  • Cover soil in crawl spaces
  • Monitor your home

With these tips and a helpful pest control expert, your home will be safe from any invaders.

Keeping Termites Out!

The best way to deal with a termite invasion is to stop it from happening. Should you run into trouble, having a quality termite exterminator can help ease the stress. There’s no better way to fortify your home. Contact The Pest Rangers today if you need help with your termite extermination.

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