Fall Pest Control Tips

Fall is a time for colorful leaves, pumpkin spice, and haunted houses. It’s also the season for five major pests that can make life a real nightmare.

As the weather turns from warm to cool, little critters will be searching for a place to call home. Whether you are experiencing an influx of ladybugs, stink bugs, cluster flies, boxelder’s or rodents, battling an infestation can make any season miserable.

To avoid any pesky pest mishaps this autumn, here are a few pest management tips to help get you through the season.

9. Seal Cracks and Crevices

The first step to stopping pests is to keep them from getting in your home. You can do this by simply sealing any cracks or crevices on the outside of your house. Bugs and rodents can sneak in through small openings, so be careful to inspect the siding and outer walls. By using caulk or steel wool, block up any potential openings on your home’s exterior.

Stinkbug infestation!

8. Keep Counters Clean

Open food on the counter is like an all you can eat buffet invitation to any would-be pest. The best way to prevent a pest problem is by storing food in airtight containers. Avoid leaving food out for long periods of time. Do you have a pet? This tip includes any pet food in bowls or in open bags.

7. Close Up Garbage

Like the inside of your home, you want to be sure any food source outside is sealed. Open garbage can be a breeding ground if not properly handled. Also, it can attract not only several fall pests but also some additional, bigger creatures you may not want rummaging through your trash.

6. Keep Basements, Attics, and Crawl Spaces Vented and Dry

Moisture is a major attraction for pests. Some creatures thrive in a wet, moist environment making basements, garages, and attics especially vulnerable. Try installing a dehumidifier to control the amount of moisture and protect your home.

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5. Screen Open Vents

While cracks and small holes in your home’s exterior can be plugged up easily, often the less obvious entryways are overlooked. Attic vents, chimneys, and pet doors can be like a welcome mat to pests. The best way to avoid any creature invasions is to put screens over any opening that cannot be sealed.

4. Inspect Incoming Packages

An easy, and often forgotten, way for critters to enter your humble abode is foreign objects: packages, grocery bags, outside decorations, yard equipment and more. The last thing on our mind when bringing in the groceries is pest control. Pests can often sneak inside using any of these and more. Be careful to inspect anything you bring in your home.

2. Keep Up with the Outdoors

Have a fire pit? Firewood is the ideal place for pests to nest. It’s a good idea to store any refuse, firewood, or any yard waste at least 20 feet from the house. Additionally, monitor your draining system. Pipes, open waterways, or gutters can easily bring a rodent or insect infestation. An easy way to prevent any pest problems is by keeping up with your outdoor maintenance.

Ladybug pest control tips
Though considered to be lucky, ladybugs infestations can provide much anxiety to homeowners.

2. Make Repairs

 A simple way to protect your home from pests this fall is to perform yearly maintenance. Keep any cracks filled, install door sweeps, and repair damaged screens. Make sure that your windows are screened and cleaned, closing off yet another entry point. Any loose weather-stripping or mortar can provide pests access to your home. If you want to keep unwanted visitors out and keep your home warm, be sure you make the necessary repairs.

1. Watch for the Signs

Regardless of how vigilant you are, everyone is human, and it’s possible a pest can slip into your home. The best way to stay on top of an unwanted pest problem is recognizing the signs. Keep an eye out for droppings, signs of burrowing, or nests. If you see one stink bug, it doesn’t mean you have an infestation. However, if you see numerous stink bugs clustering near a window, you may have a problem and the source. Educate yourself on what to look for to avoid any larger problems.

Concluding Thoughts

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but the cold weather shift serves as a reminder to perform yearly maintenance to protect your home. Be vigilant and you can avoid any pest problems. The best way to combat an infestation is through prevention.

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