The warm weather is finally here. Spring is upon us, and it’s also prime time for those pesky bugs to start stirring. As the winter chill starts to leave us, there’s no time like the present than to start your spring cleaning.

Of course, that means fortifying your home against any overwinter pests or rising insects looking for a new home. As we head into prime bug season, here are seven tips for managing pesky bugs in the spring.

spring is upon us and so are the pesky bugs

1. Seal Up All Entryways.

The winter months can be hard on your home. As the world starts to thaw, you can really start to see the damage cold weather has on your home. Of course, any holes or cracks are prime spots for insects to sneak in.

Check around the exterior of your home, especially around doorways, foundation, and windows. Make necessary repairs to screens, openings, and leaking pipes.

In addition to the typical entryways, check any spots that may be open like vents or chimneys. Seal them up properly with screens and seal any cracks with caulking. The best way to keep bugs out is to stop them from getting inside to start.

2. Clean Up Inside.

Let’s face it; your house has probably been sitting stagnant since the fall. Over the winter, we tend to do less outside and inside since days are shorter and much colder. As the warm weather returns, it’s a good time to clean up any clutter, especially since that’s where pests look to nest.

Boxes, piles of paper, or any unwanted junk piling up are perfect places for all manner of pests, from insects to rodents, to hide. It’s a good idea to clean out any extra clutter.

Additionally, as winter leaves us, we may start to see issues in the home as well as out. Check your basements and attics. Look for leaking pipes, damp areas, or leaks in the ceiling. Some insects are drawn to damp, cool areas. Be mindful of any areas they might gather and give them a good cleaning.

3. Tidy Up The Lawn.

Now that you’re done with the house, it’s time to take the task outside. An overgrown lawn or garden is prime ground for many pests. While there may not be much growth over the cold season, there can be build up including leaves, branches, and stagnant water. This could lead to plenty of issues, such as mosquitos, ants, and ticks.

Since growth over the winter is minimal, this is the perfect time to tidy up. Clear out dead brush, get rid of any unwanted plants or bushes, and make sure you have less work to do as your plants grow in the Spring.

4. Tidy Up Gutters.

Fall and winter are not typically kind to gutters. They tend to get mucked up with leaves, moss, and branches. If you aren’t careful, they can get clogged which can cause numerous problems, like stagnant water.

Still water is the perfect spot for mosquitos to lay their eggs. Since they are one of the deadliest insects, you definitely don’t want them anywhere near your home. As spring comes around, be sure to clear out your gutters and put an end to any mosquito breeding grounds.

clean out your gutters to put an end to mosquito breeding

5. Clean Up Stagnant Water.

On the same note, if there are any areas in your yard that may hold stagnant water, it should be cleared away. Check lawn equipment, birdbaths and feeders, outdoor toys, and any other areas that tend to gather water. Don’t forget, mosquitos don’t need more than a small puddle to lay their eggs. To avoid any hatchings, clear away as much stagnant water as possible.

6. Clean Sweep Any Possible Food Areas.

Another way to keep bugs away is to get rid of any possible food sources. Any area that you prepare or eat food should be kept tidy. Store food, including pet food, in airtight containers to discourage pests like ants or cockroaches from looking for an easy meal.

Tidy up after making meals and take care to clean hard to reach areas like behind the refrigerator. You never know what may be lurking back there. A thorough cleaning will help keep your home bug free in the future.

7. Check Any Possible Nesting Areas.

If you are worried about pests taking over your home, do a check and seek out any possible nesting areas. Wasps tend to build their homes in hidden areas like holes in the ground, trees, or even beneath your porch. Ants can make a colony pretty much anywhere they can make a network.

Termites tend to seek out different types of wood, depending on the species. Take a look both inside and outside your home to clear out any possible nesting spots.

search for nesting areas

Stay Vigilant

Spring is finally on its way, and the best way to prep for any pesky bugs is to be ready for them. Know what to look for, keep things clean, and have the proper baits, traps, and remedies at the ready. You don’t have to let pests become a problem this summer. Stop them before they get in.

As always, if you are having trouble with pests, you can always seek out a pest control expert for advice. However, the best defense is prevention. Take the time and enjoy your spring, pest-free.



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